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Founded in 2003, Online Promotions Group is the digital online entertainment marketing agency that helps artists, record labels, theatres, filmmakers, comedy clubs, performance art firms, dance companies, fine art galleries, tv camera personnel, writers, photography studios, fashion designers, modeling agencies as well travel agents, festival organizers, casting directors, luxury companies, real estate firms, recruiting agencies and gaming developers with the following services:

Viral / Buzz Marketing:

Online Promotions Group drives traffic to your site using the most popular social media networking sites (such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace as well as many others), social bookmarks, blogs and customized widgets to landing pages hosted on HollywoodPrize, the entertainment marketing sweepstakes contest portal for online artist promotions.

Online Promotions Group offers an array of marketing solutions including:

Online Promotions Group also offers an array of technology solutions. If you need to drive brand engagement, build a fan base online, create an email list, review web analytics, run a Refer a Friend Loyalty Rewards program and customize an online survey please contact us today to set up a consultation today!